post that contains picture: how a summer trip helped point me in the right direction

polly holyoke

This picture of a woman kissing a Dolphin sums up my experience my Senior summer.

I had taken a trip to the coast with my family and a few friends to celebrate my completion of high school. My mom surprised me with a chance to swim with dolphins. There, I met a couple of workers who had graduated in Marine Biology, I remember them telling me. But, they also had a way of speaking to the dolphins. It was beautiful!

At the time, there was a disabled child who they unstrapped from his wheelchair, and let climb on the Dolphin’s back..I mean, the Dolphin allowed it. (HA, crazy, huh?!) I one of the workers why they were allowing that and she informed me that they are involved with animal therapy. I was shocked. Sure, I could see a dog being used in animal therapy, but a Dolphin? Get out of here! This got me interested in wanting to work with children and therapy, itself.

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