Summer nights in a small town

Now, fast forward several of years from my last post. I was 17, a cheerleader, and a social butterfly- not a good cup of tea. I enjoyed staying out late, hanging with my friends, all ultimately leading to up-to-no-good behavior. I mean, at 17 I was attending Delta Chi parties at the University of Montevallo. (Like Hello, what was I thinking?!) If I weren’t at a party, I was in the woods, slingin’ some mud and underage drinking and smoking. Again, I thought I was being a normal teen- doing what my parents did not want me to do. However, I seemed to take it to the extreme, a lot of times. I found myself taking alcohol from my parents liquor cabinet and buying cigarettes underage. Not a life that is appropriate.

Now at this time, I did know what depression, anxiety, and bad behavior was. I just didn’t care too much to do anything about my wild nature. I was too much for my parents at the time; they would discipline me, sure, but did it ever work, not really. I believe having weekly/monthly visits to a mental health doctor could have tamed the wild in me. Also, attending regular visits to a psychiatrist might have helped me be and act more mature.

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